Welcome to Krauthouse Motorsports

We strive to bring you the very best in sales, repair and service of your VAG based automobile. By offering you the heartbeat of a professional with the pulse of an enthusiast we out perform the competition by offering you namebrand parts with out breaking the bank as well as unparalelled service. Check out our Line Card to browse all of the excellent brands that we can offer you great prices.

Advanced computer based diagnosis
We utilize industry leading computer diagnosis equipment to aid in troubleshooting your VW, Audi or BMW. This allows us to accurately diagnose electrical problems, sensor malfunctions, and various other issues to get you back on the road with minimal cost and down time.
Tuning From ECU upgrades to bigger a bigger turbo, to full suspension packages we offer installation options for all needs. We have partnered with Malone Tuning to offer a wide variety of ecu tunes to fit your dreams, or your budget. From Stage1 ECU tunes to Stage5 tunes with bigger turbos, upgraded clutch, bigger injectors, and a limited slip diff we have you covered.

Customization If bolt on upgrades aren't your thing we offer custom interior instillations from sound system upgrades to upholstry. Our trained staff is only limited by your dreams. If you are wishing to stand out from the crowd off the shelf upgrades aren't an option, one off body modifications are essential.

New OEM and Aftermarket PartsWe offer a wide selection of parts at competitive prices to fix any problem. We offer great deals on parts from Eibach, Garrett, KW, KYB, Recaro, and several other brands. Our foucus is bring qreat parts at low prices to enthusiasts, not getting rich off high profit margins, this lets us offer bargain basement prices on new parts.

We are working hard to compile a huge list on How-To's and information on how to troubleshoot, repair and upgrade your cars. Why would a repair shop offer repair information? Be cause we're crazy about cars and their owners and want to help the best we can.

Walk in, Kraut out.
We are always excited to talk to car guys and gals any time we can. So if you happen to be in the area and bored feel free to call and stop on by. Maybe you will find something cool around the shop or come up with a great idea for you car that we can help you with. Or maybe you have some problem and just want to pick our brains. Feel free to cruise over to the contact page and come on by.

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Used Parts and Accessories We offer used parts at discount prices to help the budget minded. Often times we buy whole cars just for a few parts for our project cars and offer the excess parts for sale at great prices.

Sell Your Old Parts Maybe you have something for a project and changed directions, maybe you have some rare part someone is looking for, or maybe you have some junk that you are just wanting to give away. Post it in the For Sale section of our forum and maybe make a buck.

Has The Krauthouse Helped You Build Your Car? Post pictures here and show off how we can help others with their projects! Feel free to strut your skills here, space is free. Our main goal is to help everyone afforde to build the car of their dreams.

As our finished projects mound up we will showcase a variety of them to help create ideas in your mind on how we can transform your daily driver into a show stopper.

Not just German cars... Even though we specialize in German autos we lay hands on men German autos we lay hands on metal from all over.